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Are you ready for your first teacup pig?

If you have seen a teacup pig then you might probably be waiting to have one as your pet. These pigs are very affectionate and it can be fun to have them around your house. Before you become an owner of such an adorable pet, there are few things that you must know.

A teacup pig is also known by names like micro pigs or miniature pigs which will weigh not more than something around 30 lbs. These animals are very sociable as well as intelligent. The best thing about these pigs is the size. You don’t have to have a 400 lbs. animal at your home. There are number of respected breeders from whom you can get these pigs at decent price.
The cheap teacup pigs are similar to a dog or cat when it comes to training. You can even teach your pig to poop in his own litter box and not to create a mess all around your house. They very easily pick up the commands you would teach like sit, roll or walk. You can even try to teach him play dead. They are not choosey about their food intake and which gives you the liberty to feed them anything. But make sure you have their diet balanced.

You need to be bit careful while getting your teacup pig. There are many devious breeders who will sell you some animal claiming it to be teacup pig only to discover later that it has crossed 300 lbs. You obviously wouldn’t want such a situation to take place. The best thing to avoid such thing is to first search online for reputable pig breeder in your locality. If possible, try to have a look at the parents of that pig the breeder is offering. The normal price of a teacup is around thousand dollars. So if you are getting a pig for anything less than that, have a proper check before you buy it.