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Is your teacup pig overeating?

Even if the teacup pig is small, it is still a pig. They will eat from anything to everything they can get their hands on and if they somehow get the smell of anything, they will try their best to get to it. The one only motto of pigs is to eat and they will never express even if they are full. If you present snacks to your pig every time he asks for then you will get tired of feeding him but the demand won’t stop and if you stop providing snacks then your little pet might get aggressive.

So in order to keep everything in order, make sure that you are consistent with the diet and have it clear that the control is with you when it comes to food and not with your pet pig. If you provide food to your piglet every time he asks for then he will assume that he is the one in control and take you are his food vending machine. Once this happens, the pet will stop respecting you and things will go out of hand.

Make a decision and stick to it. Let your family member also know and make them too follow the rule. The best way to tackle such a situation is to ignore your little teacup pig pet. He will get the message soon and stop bugging you. Make sure that no food is spilled on the floor or else the pet might consider it you feeding him.

Have a fixed feeding time and feed your pet every day the same time. Whenever you feed your piglet outside his normal meal timings, try to have him earn it by making him perform some trick. Try not to feed you pig while you are having your own meal. If you continue this for a while then your teacup pig will stop begging for food.