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About teacup pig in a nutshell

The reason why this breed of pig is called as teacup pig is because during their birth, they are literally the size of a cup. These pigs can live up to an age of about twenty years. They rarely shed which rather could have caused some people allergies. These are very adorable and friendly creatures.

The intelligence of the teacup pig is something that cannot go unnoticed. This makes it easier for you to train your pet and even teach him many tricks. There are obviously certain cons as well. If not taken care properly, the little pigs can become aggressive. It is the duty of the owner to socialize with them as much as possible and keep rewarding them for any trick they pull off.

The teacup pigs can be very feisty but then of course if not taken care properly then things might go out of control. It’s not hard to have a communication with your little pet. Since they can eat anything from vegetables to meat it is easy to satisfy their appetite. The owner should take a note of the diet the piglet is having or else this can lead to health issues.

They are also good when put on leash but they need to be involved in lot of play time including exercises. By being active and busy, they will not be a reason for any trouble. Their unending quest for food is something that many owners fail to fight with. It would be best to have your house pig proof before your get one and reward him frequently which will maintain your dominance. The pigs are known for ways to challenge the owner. Though there are certain challenges having a teacup pig as a pet but it will surely be a wonderful experience.