How to Teach Teacup Piglets to Walk on a Leash

As the popularity of teacup pigs continues these days, more interest is focused not only in how to buy them but also in how to house train them. Even if they are literally the size of a teacup when they are born, genuine breeds can grow up to 15-40 pounds so once they begin to gain weight, you need to be prepared in training them how to walk on a leash properly.

The animal and the owner go hand in hand with successful trainings of pets on a leash. So when teacup pigs are trained not only to use and be at home with a harness, an invaluable skill is given not only to the piggy but also to the owner, of course. Since laws and regulations are in effect in most states these days, it is very important to be able to control your mini pig in public. In addition, even if your state allows the care of piglets as pets, your home development association may have rules about bringing them around your neighborhood, thus it is a good idea to know what regulations are in effect. When that is taken care of, it is time to concentrate on the steps of training your teacup pigs on a leash. Although you might think it is a daunting task, you may be actually in for a surprise once they start to become comfortable with the harness and how they enjoy walking around places with you.

Mini pigs are intelligent animals and they can be conveniently trained to walk with a harness along with the right leash. The same with almost training processes, it is best that you apply positive reinforcement during the training sessions and avoid at all cost, punishing them. However, there is a general advice to refrain from giving them too much treats during their training as this can lead to their aggressive behavior in the future when do are not given treats any more whenever they like it. Patience, discipline and the right level of commitment are required to enable your teacup pig training on a leash be successful in the soonest time possible.

Determining Your Mini Pigs’ Readiness

Before starting to work with your beloved teacup pig on a leash, ask your vet first what is the ideal age that they should be leash trained. If consulting with a vet means you have to spend some amount of money, you can do it by yourself through undertaking your own research online and by looking at their size. Ask yourself if they are big enough to be fitted with a harness and if they will be comfortable with something attached to their necks. These lovely young nano pigs may be very small in size and may not even fit into some harnesses. Thus, practice your own practical sense when deciding on the preparedness of your teacup pigs for leash training. Bear in mind that an overly loose harness may result to the injury of your pets and the same goes for one that is too tight.

Establishing Rapport

When you are already sure that their neck is of the right size for a harness, it is time to evaluate the relationship of your pet with yourself. Getting them to trust you takes rapport and this can only be achieved by spending a lot of time with them. At first, play with them and get them to feel your presence most of the time. Let them play with the device with straps so that it will not feel alien to them when the time comes that you need to put their neck on it.

Finding the Proper Harness and Leash

The next step is picking the right equipment. Even though manufacturers provide many options, you need to choose the type of harness that will fit your piggy pet the best. It is recommended that you research to locate a certain brand first that is more ideal to teacup pigs and not just any other animal that are also trained to walk. Get a measuring tape and put it on your mini pigs so that you will not get wrong in buying the proper size of harness that will fit them. The length of the leash should also be considered and will determine how they will get to enjoy the outdoors when they will finally hit the park with you. In choosing the leash, think of how much extra line that your lovely nano pigs would need and pick the length which will not get him tangled too. Also include in your considerations that they should not be snagged with obstacles that you will encounter during your strolls.

Since you know the attitude and personality of your teacup pigs better than anyone, it is up to you how to slowly introduce the harness to them. Again, make them more trusting by creating rapport with play times every day. There are some piglets that accept the harness immediately but there are also others that will protest. If your cute pet does not instantly get any inkling to it give them some time to get accustomed to wearing it. Leave the device with straps lying around and let the mini pigs play and tinker with it. Get them to smell the harness and leash so that they will be more comfortable the next time you place the devices on them. Since they love to eat, give them some treats every time they play with the leash. Plus, when you attempt to put the strap on their neck, be sure that they can see the treat dangling in your other hand. After about two or three days of playing the harness with them and if you think that they may already be willing to let you place the device, slowly position their head in the right angle. Put on the harness slowly but firmly and be sure to adjust the tightness by moving their neck left and right. Before heading out, it is best if you practice walking with them beforehand around the house or in your backyard if you have one.

Hit the Outdoors with Your  Teacup pigs

Finally, when you have worked your teacup pig to wear the harness and walk along with the lease, you then both ready to hit the parks or sidewalks outside. Pack their favorite treats and get ready for an enjoyable exercise. When the follow you willingly, you may reward them with tiny treats. Whenever he attempts to wander away from you, you can also use the treat to get him back. Avoid situations that may cause you to yank, jerk or even holler at your pet by being patient always. Teacup pigs are wise pets that are sure to provide you with constant and fun companionship. Being trained on a leash makes them doubly valuable as both of you can now do outdoor exercises together. Click for our Teacup pigs for sale.