nteresting Facts About Teacup Pigs

As micro pigs continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are growing increasingly curious about how to care for these very interesting animals. Perhaps, the following will answer your curiosity.

Is it true that teacup pigs do not really exist?

“Teacup pigs” is simply a name that has been given by the media to pigs smaller than the standard hogs. They are not a breed per se but are simply miniature versions of full-size pot bellied pigs. These miniature animals typically grow from 15-40 lbs but the standard size for teacup pigs is actually up to 100 lbs, half the smallest of adult pot bellied pigs.

What should I feed my mini pig?

Pigs typically devour anything they set their eyes on. Thus, it is very important as an owner that you monitor the behavior of your pet at all times. The most ideal feed for these animals would be commercial pig diets. These should specifically be miniature pig feed and not those for feeder hogs. Table scraps are not recommended as these can be unhealthy. For training treats or afternoon snacks, rationed fruits and vegetables will do.

How often should I feed by miniature pig?

Pigs are quick to bloat up so it is also important that you keep in check how many times you feed yours in a day. The most ideal feeding frequency would be 2 times of justifiable amount daily.

Where should I let my pet pig stay?

Miniature pigs will feel more comfortable living inside the house. A dog bed will most likely suffice for your pet pig. Just make sure that this comes with comfortable bedding and soft blanket.

Will I need to pig-proof my house?

Yes. Never give your pet the freedom to run around your home while nobody is around. Pigs tend to get curious and may encounter trouble as a result.

How do I housebreak my micro pig pet?

Pigs are naturally smart animals. They can be trained the very same way dogs are trained – through treat reinforcement. Help him make a habit out of using the litter box, using the dog door or going outside by giving him a treat every time he succeeds with doing all these.

Is spaying and neutering a necessity for teacup pigs?

If you are not planning to breed micro pigs, it is essential to spay and neuter them will be essential even if you only have one pig. These animals tend to go through puberty very early. They can turn aggressive and hormonal as early as 4 months without the surgery.

How do I keep my teacup pig entertained?

There are a lot of ways for how you can keep your pet entertained. You can walk him around your neighborhood during early mornings or late afternoons. You can build him a shallow mud pool on your backyard as he will most likely develop a need for digging around. You can also simply bond with your pet by playing and tickling him.

Just keep in mind that pigs are naturally social animals. They will get lonely, even aggressive, when left alone for a long time.

Is it okay to keep other pets at home with a miniature pig?

Yes. Pigs are playful animals. Whether it is a cat or a dog, for sure, they will develop a bond in no time.

Are you looking for teacup pigs for sale in New York?

If you are, then you should definitely first consider the zoning regulations in your area before considering purchasing. Not all communities and cities consider teacup pigs as household pets just yet. Your area might just not allow you to keep one.